Ready To Kick Social Anxiety To The Curb?

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Nicole Linke online coaching



Over 3 months (or more) I will be your accountability gal and give you the support you need to 

    • start and follow an exercise routine that is tailored to your individual needs
    • overcome gym anxiety
    • overcome limiting beliefs, develop a positive self-image, and discover your real strength
    • kick social anxiety to the curb by making fitness a part of your self-care routine

Are you tired of feeling you are missing out on life because of your anxieties? Would you like to advance in your career but are afraid of speaking up and voicing your opinions? Would you like to have more friends and enjoy a vibrant social life? Maybe you are tired of living your life alone, but feelings of unworthiness and fears hold you back?

Yes, an anxiety disorder needs to be treated by a professional. However, exercise has proven anxiety-reducing effects and can play a vital role in reducing symptoms.

I know it because I have done it. I have successfully overcome social anxiety myself, using exercise as my main tool.

Now I want to support you to triumph over your fears and live your life without limits.

But my coaching includes not only fitness coaching but also mindset coaching to help you overcome limiting beliefs, be more assertive and reduce procrastination related to social anxiety.  

The emphasis is on doing. 

You will actively learn to challenge yourself a bit more with each week. In the process, you will increase your self-confidence, your self-knowledge and ultimately triumph over your fears.

Here's How The Program Works

1. Decide that you want to kick-start an exercise program, develop a positive self-image and overcome limiting beliefs

2. Fill out the application form so that I get an idea of your goals and can decide whether we are a good fit for each other.

You will hear back from me within the next 24 hours.

3. Get your introduction to the coaching package and how we will work together.

If you feel comfortable with phone calls, we will have an initial phone call to get to know each other. I will also give you a quick tour of the coaching app.

If you prefer text-based communication, I will instead send you a welcome email that includes everything you need to know.

4. Enjoy your online coaching.

You will have access to your training program via the app and will always know what to do when. You’ll find video demos for each exercise, track your progress, and can contact me via instant messaging. I will support you at every step of your journey. Regular check-in calls are part of the program if you feel comfortable with live-calls. If you prefer text-based communication, we will have a catch-up via email.

Plans And Pricing


Fitness Coaching For Anxiety Relief 



Discover your inner strength and conquer your fears

Strength and mindset coaching

$349 / month

customized strength training plan

build around your schedule

technique feedback (if desired)

daily affirmations or motivational quotes

weekly mini self-confidence challenges

message me anytime via coaching app

weekly email support





Fitness Coaching For Anxiety  Relief



Get the full package

Exercise, nutrition, and mindset coaching for optimal results

$ 549 / month

customized strength training plan
habits based nutrition coaching
technique feedback (if desired)
daily affirmations or motivational quotes
weekly mini self-confidence challenges
weekly email support

message me anytime via coaching app

weekly check-in call (if desired)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The Program Last?

I ask you to commit to a minimum of 3 months of coaching. To get results, we both have to do our work.

Consistency is critical when you want to see results. If you are happy with me as your coach after those 3 months, you can decide to continue working with me.

How Often Do I Need To Strength Train?

Because my coaching is specifically tailored to your needs, there is no definitive answer to that question.

Depending on your other life commitments, you will be strength training 2-3 times per week. We will find a schedule that makes the most sense for you, and I will design your program accordingly.

Will I Get a Meal Plan?

No. If you choose the standard package, which includes nutrition coaching, you will receive habits based nutrition coaching.

That means we will assess your eating habits, see what you can improve, what you struggle with, and what you want to improve.

I will guide you towards food choices and eating habits that support your health. This approach takes your food preferences and any nutritional limitations you might have into account and achieves long-lasting results.

How Do I Know That I Do The Exercises Correctly?

Every exercise is accessible as a video demonstration in your coaching app.

Technique feedback is included in all programs. If you want me to check your technique, simply film yourself performing a specific exercise. Then upload the video to the coaching app. 

The standard package also includes weekly coaching calls, where we can go over particular technique questions in more detail.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Ideally, you will have access to barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells.

Because the program will be tailored to your specific needs and preferences, it is possible to use only one or mix and match the tools.

If you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym and have no equipment at home, I will design a bodyweight-only program for you.

I started strength training with body-weight, then moved to kettlebells. Finally, I expanded my repertoire with barbells and dumbbells and now use all of these tools. The details will depend on your specific situation and preferences.

I will design your training program according to the options available to you.

How Will I Receive Support?

You can contact me via the messaging option in your coaching app and per email. The scheduled check-in calls will help to keep you accountable. If you prefer to communicate over email and text messaging only let me know.

Either way you will receive detailed feedback on your progress, and we’ll plan the next steps together.

You can see me as your concierge on your journey, supporting you every step on the way.

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