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Hi, I am Nicole 😊. Sixteen years ago, I was lost, lonely, and embarrassed. Skinny and weak. Too frail to pursue the activities that bring me the most joy: exploring nature through hiking and running. The pictures below show the state my body was in.

How did I get there? I thought being skinny would make me more lovable. I thought my peers would respect me more, and my parents would finally love me. However, the opposite happened. The more weight I lost, the more alienated I became from my few friends and family. 

And instead of loving myself more for achieving my goals, deep down, I hated myself.

Today, I am strong in body, mind, and spirit. I enjoy a harmonious relationship with the women of my dreams and deep friendships and participate in crazy running adventures. My self-belief is strong, and instead of letting my fears control me, I am in control of my life. The pictures below were taken in 2021 and 2022.

Through strength training, I became strong and gained much-needed muscle. I became strong in body and mind. The self-confidence I gained through physical exercise spilled over into all other areas of my life and set me on a path of self-development and growth. I learned how to set goals, implement good habits and make choices that benefit my current and future self.

Strength training has transformed my life, and it can change yours too.


My mission is to help  women gain muscle and strength to live a life of freedom and independence. My preferred tool is the kettlebell 😊. Kettlebells are fun and versatile. They also fit into every apartment. So if you are hesitant about going to the gym, kettlebells are the best tool for you.

I am passionate about coaching and supporting women in their journey toward strength. If you know more about my programs, visit my coaching page.

I keep up with the latest research on exercise and nutrition to give you high-quality coaching that gets you the results you want.

Besides that, I went through the industry’s best certification programs and received my basic training in fitness coaching and nutrition through the Academy of Sports. I am also Precision Nutrition Certified (Level I), a certified online trainer through the Online Trainer Academy.

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