title pic rpe in strength training

So you decided to strength train. You know it will help you to prevent running injuries and make you a faster, leaner runner. If you avoid the trap of randomly chaining workouts together but instead follow a structured training plan (which you should!), you face one question. How to train in a way that allows …

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title pic session rpe

You are serious about making progress in your training. You know that tracking your workouts is essential. But what exactly do you measure? And – what should you? When it comes to running, most of us note down mileage and pace. If you are ambitious – or just a data geek like me – you …

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title pic stoic week review

What is it like to live like a Stoic philosopher? To follow their practices? To entertain thoughts that lead to a more peaceful and happy life? If you want to find out but don’t know where or how to get started, then Stoic Week might be for you. Organized by the team of Modern Stoicism, …

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title pic running as stoic practice

During the past year, I have become increasingly interested in stoicism and have been trying to adopt it as a day-to-day philosophy. What is stoicism? It is a school of philosophy founded by Zeno of Citium in Athens around 304 BC. It centers around the idea that external events are not what makes us happy …

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title pic kettlebell swings

  Kettlebells are my favorite piece of training equipment. Well, maybe barefoot running shoes come before that, but kettlebells are my number one choice as far as strength training tools are concerned. Why? Because they are incredibly versatile, take up little space, and can be taken outside. The training effects are numerous, and you can …

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