November 2022

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One area I struggle with is focus. My hyperactive brain likes to overthink, double-check, and question every decision I make. I find it hard to discern the most important activities and lose myself in working on details for too long. I get lost in planning and can spend hours crafting a perfect day, designing my …

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When my brother got married this year, he and his girlfriend decided to celebrate with a Rockabilly-inspired party. This set the tone for the whole wedding, and everyone who attended knew in which direction the party would go. The defined theme of the party helped me make the appropriate choice for the dress – I …

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Over the past 15 years, I have become an expert on different diet philosophies. It all started when I discovered the life-changing magic of running in 2006. I was a forestry student, and my growing interest in environmental issues made me think more about my lifestyle choices. At the same time, I wanted to provide …

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