May 2022

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“You just have to put one foot in front of the other. Just keep moving forward. See… it’s not that hard. Keep moving. It’s just a low point. You’ll get through it.” It was 05:00 am on Sunday, and I was hiking along the Teltow Canal. Trying not to trip over roots or small rocks …

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“I feel tearful” was the last message I sent to my girlfriend before I made my way to the starting area of the 24-hour German Championships. I was emotional. It was my first 24h race. Plus, my period also set in just one day before. On top of that, I experienced severe tummy pains just …

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I decided to try a vegan keto experiment. Keto has been great for reducing IBS symptoms and getting rid of hypoglycemia episodes. However, I dislike the idea of eating so many animal products. From my many years experimenting with different diets, I learned that I feel emotionally much better on a plant-based diet. However, every …

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