August 2021

pre-races nerves title pic

It is 07:00 o clock on a Saturday morning. You scramble around at the starting area of your race, and you feel sick to your stomach. Doubts fill your mind: “Gosh, I am such an idiot. I shouldn’t be here. Look at these athletes. They look so much fitter and stronger than me. What if …

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egg loaf slices sitting on a wooden board

If you are looking for a ridiculously easy-to-make keto bread with a hint of sweetness – look no further. This is my variation of the egg loaf recipe I found on the carb manager app’s website. The basic recipe calls for eggs, cream cheese, butter, and cinnamon. I added a pinch of salt, coconut flour, …

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Title pic Schwerin Lake Trail Ultra Race Report

On August 21st, 2021, I toed the line at the Schwerin Lake Trail Ultra. Along with 106 other runners, I set out to run around lake Schwerin. Sixty-one challenging kilometers through forests and stubble fields – the lake (almost) always in sight. Schwerin Lake Trail Ultra – Sustainability And Shakespeare Two points (besides the fantastic …

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title pic love letter to running

Dear Running, When we first met in South Africa in 2006, I couldn’t fathom how much you’d impact my life in the years to come. We had a rough start. Our first dates didn’t go well. In fact, I downright hated you. I hated how you gave me a racing heart and a head so …

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title pic running boosts creativity

In previous articles, I explored the powerful positive effects regular exercise can have on mood disorders and how it can protect your brain against dementia. I also described how running was the catalyst for my triumph over social anxiety. Running can help you become a more self-confident, happier, and less stressed-out individual. But running also has …

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