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What would you do if your health was restored by doing the opposite of everything you were taught? That is the question Michelle Hurn asks you in her book “The Dietician’s Dilemma,” and it is a question that far too few of us think about deeply. Due to my experiments and a slight obsession with …

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As an ultrarunner, you are tough.  You need to be.  Running fifty, one hundred, and more kilometers at a time, most of the time in harsh environmental conditions, is not for the faint of heart.  While everyone seems to agree that you need to log a sufficient amount of kilometers during training, the opinions on …

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“Long-distance running is 90% mental, and the other half is physical.” – Rich Davies While physical health and stamina are critical if you want to run 50 miles, 100 miles, and more, the limiting factors for many people are their character, daily habits, and the relationship they have with their mind. Mental training should be …

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