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title image dietician's dilemma

What would you do if your health was restored by doing the opposite of everything you were taught? That is the question Michelle Hurn asks you in her book “The Dietician’s Dilemma,” and it is a question that far too few of us think about deeply. Due to my experiments and a slight obsession with …

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Are you wondering which sports-psychology self-help book you should read next? If swear words don’t put you off, and you’d like to get a broad overview on how to solve the most common psychological roadblocks endurance athletes face, then read “The Brave Athlete. Calm The F* Down And Rise To The Occasion”. The authors are …

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Ever since I discovered firsthand the powerful effects of running on mental health, I am continually looking for new research to confirm my experience. That running can be a powerful tool for treating mental health disorders. In 2018 Scott Douglass wrote the book “Running Is My Therapy.” It combines research and personal anecdotes to describe …

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