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title pic love letter to running

Dear Running, When we first met in South Africa in 2006, I couldn’t fathom how much you’d impact my life in the years to come. We had a rough start. Our first dates didn’t go well. In fact, I downright hated you. I hated how you gave me a racing heart and a head so …

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title pic running boosts creativity

In previous articles, I explored the powerful positive effects regular exercise can have on mood disorders and how it can protect your brain against dementia. I also described how running was the catalyst for my triumph over social anxiety. Running can help you become a more self-confident, happier, and less stressed-out individual. But running also has …

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title pic social anxiety alcohol

Social anxiety has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. As I have written about here, I grew up with an intense fear of people. However, step by step, I learned how to manage anxiety and social anxiety. Especially my years at university were a period of immense personal …

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title pic how to start exercise when you have social anxiety

Let’s be honest. You know that a regular fitness routine would ease your social anxiety. You read about it in self-help books and on the internet. Your therapist recommended you join an exercise class at your local gym. You think you should give it a try. There is just one problem. The mere thought of …

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