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Strength training should be an integral part of life. Not just for us runners but for anyone who wishes to combat the adverse effects of modern-day society. If you want to have the strength and mobility to perform everyday tasks with ease until old age and want to look better naked, you better be strong. …

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Let’s face it. You want to run strong and injury-free. You want to get the most out of your training and realize your running dreams. Crush that 10k PR or finish a marathon or even ultra-marathon. You heard about strength training and how it’s supposed to help you achieve your running goals. But do you …

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  Kettlebells are my favorite piece of training equipment. Well, maybe barefoot running shoes come before that, but kettlebells are my number one choice as far as strength training tools are concerned. Why? Because they are incredibly versatile, take up little space, and can be taken outside. The training effects are numerous, and you can …

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