August 2023

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The kettlebell is undoubtedly the most versatile training tool ever invented. With just one piece of equipment, you can train for endurance, strength, mobility, and muscular development. Because of their small size, kettlebells are also a perfect option for people who prefer to workout from the comfort of their homes. Even if you have a …

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title pic for article: life skills ultrarunning has taught me

I didn’t recognize the woman in the mirror. The eyes staring back at me were sunken, and the dark circles underneath them contrasted with the white of my skin. My lips were chapped. “Damn, you look tired,” I said aloud as I turned away from the hotel’s bathroom mirror and towards the shower. My body …

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“I wish you much grit. Because you don’t need luck in life. You need grit”. A girl shouted those words at me after I told her I was nearing the end of a 100-mile race. It was a warm August summer night, and the streets of Berlin were filled with people. While they partied and …

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